House in Ifara

The plot, located on a hill and with a 14 meters slope, was already excavated when the project starts. This led to design the house from its cross section: the garage and squash facility occupy the volume at basement level and the living space rises above in a triplex, operating in complete independence. Access to the garage is via the lower street and access to the house is from the upper street at middle floor level, where daytime parking is also available.

The starting premises required by the client were to enhance the views and maximize space. To this end the outer surface available is increased by using overlapping platforms, decks and partly occupying roofs. To maximize the use of the garden it is decomposed into independent geometric spaces, at different levels, with a clearly defined use and been always linked to an inside space. Each of these outdoor areas have different privacy, temperature and sunlight, so that their uses overlap throughout the day and the different months of the year. To subtract volume to the house, the wall of the garage is built as a cyclopean retaining wall, and the house on top splits into two: a white plaster volume where common areas and rooms for the kids are located and a smaller timber prism located above with the rooms for the parents.

Raised as a watchtower to see without being seen, the house connects through large openings to the panorama of the city and its port, while is protected by walls and vegetation from the street and neighboring buildings.

Client: Froilán Luis Rodríguez

Location: C/ Rubens Marichal, 66, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain

Construction Company: Quintercon S.L. Construcciones

Built Area: 378 m²

Project Date: August 1995

End Of Works: April 1998

Budget: 768 €/m²

Architect: Cristina González Vázquez de Parga | Miren Ormaechea Cazalis

Rigger: Julio Castro Canelo

Awards: Selected Work of Manuel Oraá and Arocha Architecture Prize 1996-1997

Publications: Contemporary Architecture Guide of Tenerife. 1962-2006 Pags. 144-145 | On Design Magazine N. 200 | Catalogue II Biennial of Lanzarote 2003. Pags. 120-122 | Contemporary Architecture Guide of Tenerife 1962-1998 Pags.190-191 | Diseño Interior Magazine. April 2000 Nº 95. pags.136-139